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Your Alternative To The Generic Halloween Playlist

Sick of hearing Thriller and Rockwell back to back towards the end of October? Yeh so are we, so we've put together this playlist of dark indie alternatives. Including the likes of Cherry Glazerr, Kasabian, Goat & Joy Division + many more...  Shop Joy Division tees & sweats here.  Subscribe free to our weekly newsletter to get stories like this sent straight to your inbox > here Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest too: Pinterest .

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The Best Halloween Events in London This Week

1. Hot Tub Cinema Hot Tub Cinema has Just launched for Halloween in London's centre for the weird and wonderful, the trendy Shoreditch area. The Cinema is located near the former underground station just off Brick Lane, on Pedley Street. What Can I Expect? You can expect a bizarre combination of club atmosphere at a cinema whilst you get drunk in a hot tub! Hot Tub Cinema encourage movie goers to have fun and get in and out of their hot tubs be loud, dance around, meet new people and enjoy their favourite horror movies. How much is it? well for what reckon is a pretty good price considering any event on Halloween is gonna be pretty steep, you can...

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Easy Costume Idea for Halloween 2014

Lipstick-Face Demon - Insidious If you want to go full on hair-raising scary, then this costume is quick and easy. Thats if you don’t mind spending a bit of time on your face paint, it’s halloween just go for it, people will appreciate the effort you put in. First off your gonna need a black morphsuit, you can pick one up for little over a tenner most places on the internet, you have no excuse to be lazy because we’ve linked one for you here: Black Morphsuit £11.99 > Next you will need some yellow contact lenses, white will do fine too, whatever tickles your fancy really, no one is gonna hate you for it. You can pick some up...

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