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Tupac Style Alternatives

We found some uncanny comparisons between the late rappers style and some of the products available on Among The First.

1. Oversized Half Sleeve Jersey in Grey

Antioch Short Sleeved Raglan Sweat available here for £30

2. American Sports Jersey

Okay so he is wearing a football jersey but this Nicce Baseball Jersey serves the same principal and is available for £45 here.

3. Simple Serif Tee

Pretty self explanatory, simple but effective monochromatic design, you can't go wrong this Antioch Flipside Longline Tee is available for £18 here.

4. Sleeveless Denim Jacket

So this Denim Jacket has sleeves, yes. But They aren't made of denim so therefore it counts.

The One featured is the Antioch Woven Miami Print Hooded Denim jacket available for £60 here.

5. The Standard Shirt

Haha okay so the only comparison here is yeah it's just a shirt, but they are both pretty sweet threads, same style & neautral colours, This Neo Chambray Shirt from Cheap Monday is available for £45 here.

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