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5 Of The Best Tracks Released This Week

1. Nick Hill - Know This

There Isn't much we can tell you about Nick Hill, there isn't much anyone can tell you really. This debut track has just surfaced on the internet today and it joins the ranks of other emerging Aussie talent who merge soulful vox with light & delicate  bassline wobbles and airy synthetic sounds. We think it's best this one speaks for itself, listen below but keep an eye out, after hearing this we have high hopes for future work. 

2. Hugh - I Don't Like You

An Intimate space pop track from the London collective. Airy Vocals float in harmony with shimmering synths reminiscent of a more easily digestible pop version of Ghostpoet. This track is taken from their second EP which is out on the 10th.


3. Ryan Hemsworth - Snow In Newark

Taken from 'Alone For The First Time' which was released on Monday 3rd. Snow In Newark is our favourite track from this short LP. Drowned in reverb vocals, xylophonic percussion & wooden sounding basslines. This track reminds us a lot of artists from the likes of Chet Faker and Vondelpark.

4. Dems - Got No Brains

Taken From The 'Muscle Memory' LP which came out on Monday 3rd. Another standout track for us this week, Got No Brains is a progressive, reverb soaked track fusing guitars with electronic drums and synths in an intimate fashion which kinda makes you want to zone out but dance at the same time. Try it out for yourself below.

5. Superfood - Lily For Your Pad To Rest

We already featured the new album 'Don't Say That' earlier this week for 'New Album Drops' Here is another one of our favourite tracks from the album, slighly different to the theme we have developing in this post but it's still one of the 5 best tracks released this week! guitar driven alternative rock meets Brit pop, with unusually catchy vocal line check it out below: 

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