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Street Smarts - Winter Trend

How to blend smart threads seamlessly with your street wear staples from among the first.


This article was actually inspired by this image we found surfing through Pinterest, the beauty of this look is it’s so simple. You literally just dress up in your standard street threads including a good sweat, skinny jeans/chinos, trainers and of course your street wear staple - the beanie and throw a trenchcoat over the top. However it goes without saying this look probably works best in a more dilute combination, meaning keep it all toned down colour-wise and print-wise, unless you’ve got a real eye for it or you just tend to do what you want. But that shouldn’t be too hard anyway as it’s winter, most of your threads are probably gonna be black, navy or some shade of brown/beige.


This look is probably the most popular on the list, it’s always been around but with the help of some slick looking celebs of the now, like Tinie Tempah and Kanye West it’s becoming more widely used. It’s pretty similar to the trench look. The best to do it is take your smart staples i.e. your smart trousers, tailored jacket and a good shirt. Wear the shirt untucked of course and throw over your awesome new sweat from Among The First (Hint). Then pair these with a good pair a sneakers and last but not least your street wear staple, yup you guessed it - Beanie. For some reason this look seems to really work for guys with beards, we don’t know why it just does, but don’t let your lack of facial hair deter you from making this look your standard this winter.

Smart Joggers

A more tried but slightly untested look, really straight forward smart shirt with joggers finished with a long tailored jacket. Looks good in this picture right? but if you really think about it you’ve definitely seen people mess this up big time! but if you’ve think you can get it down to a tee then we’ll have some sweet new joggers in real soon. Get yourself a smart new Cheap Monday Neo Chambray Shirt here.

Graphic Smarts

Probably the Simplest look of the four. You may have done this before, all it requires is a good print to give you a more contemporary edge. You could use two clashing print shirts and unbutton the one on the outside barre the top button, which a lot of people seem to be doing this days, we’re still slightly unsure though. Or you could also just use a really nice graphic sweat, available here, and pair it with some smart trousers and brogues, simple and if it’s a little cold whack on a Harrington or long tailored jacket.


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