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New Album Drops - Superfood

Superfood - 'Don't Say That' (03/11/2014)

You may have heard the name flying around over the past year or so, Superfood have been hard at work making a name for themselves, Including support for Peace during their debut album tour. Now they have embarked on their first headline NME tour with Honeyblood in support of their Debut LP ‘Don’t Say That’ which was released yesterday.

Superfood are one of few but an increasing number of guitar driven bands keeping Rock & Brit pop alive and well in the UK at the moment. The feel of the album is a nostalgic one with nods to legendary UK Artists such as Oasis and The Stone Roses. It’s definitely one for those who are frustrated at the few British rock bands from back in the day, like Kasabian, who are still going with the addition of synthesisers and dance beats (Although we do love Kasabian). Don’t Say That is a feel good, ode to traditional Brit-pop with impressive vocal hooks and memorable guitar lines. Hopefully this marks the start to a new era of British Rock music returning to it’s former glory.

Listen to our standout track ‘Superfood’ & the rest of the album below.

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