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The Best Halloween Events in London This Week

1. Hot Tub Cinema

Hot Tub Cinema has Just launched for Halloween in London's centre for the weird and wonderful, the trendy Shoreditch area. The Cinema is located near the former underground station just off Brick Lane, on Pedley Street.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect a bizarre combination of club atmosphere at a cinema whilst you get drunk in a hot tub! Hot Tub Cinema encourage movie goers to have fun and get in and out of their hot tubs be loud, dance around, meet new people and enjoy their favourite horror movies.

How much is it?

well for what reckon is a pretty good price considering any event on Halloween is gonna be pretty steep, you can get individual tickets for £35 in which case you’ll most likely be sharing your hot tubs with strangers, who may or may not be fun. The alternative is to book a regular hot tub for £190 for 6 of your friends which works out at about £31 each, however  a deluxe hot tub for 8 people at £250 still works out to be £31 a person. 

What Movies are they showing?

The Lost Boys

Shaun of The Dead

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

28 Days Later



The Craft


Watch the Video below & purchase your tickets here:


2. Halloween Raveyard

Located in the vaults near waterloo, which was home to the London Necropolis Railway back in the day, used to transport bodies form the makeshift morgue at Waterloo to cemeteries in Surrey. London Raveyard has transformed the space back into the dreary despondent cavern it once was. 

What Can I Expect?

As well as being a massive rave, you can also attend your own funeral, witness some spine-chilling burlesque, dance with zombies, watch pianos play themselves, flaming hula hoops and walls that literally crawl. This is set to be an awesome spec tale to say the least.

How Much is it?

Early bird tickets will set you back a mere £10 otherwise you can expect £15 general admission. A deluxe ticket at £27 will get you into apocalypse events and the Necropolis, unfortunately we have no idea what that actually means. If however you want to go all out you can also get a pair of VIP tickets at £95 which includes the deluxe package plus access to the VIP balcony, a private bar and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.


You must hurry though two nights are already sold out! Get tickets for the 30th here:

Halloween Raveyard Tickets



3. Horse-Drawn Halloween Rides in Richmond Park

If your after something a bit less crazy but still after something that will make your blood curdle, possibly even kind of romantic in a creepy way, look no further! At Richmond Park you can book yourself onto a night carriage drawn by a horse of course, where your guide will pick you and eight others up at Sheen Gate.

 What Can I Expect?

Well your in for tales of highwaymen, ghosts, witches and a strange victorian murder that happened right there only to be solved in 2010. Tickets are priced at £48 and include a blanket and bottle of sloe gin.


Buy Tickets here: Horse Drawn Carriage Halloween Ride


4. The Ghost Bus

Another alternative to your typical halloween rave, or maybe combine the two and head to a rave afterwards, if you got the cash you could be in for a whole day of crazy halloween madness? You board a converted 1960s Route-master ready for a tour of London’s most hair-raising locations and murder scenes.

What Can I Expect?

The Necrobus features a creepy conductor, on-board actors and technical tricks working together to give you the worst bus ride of your life, in a good way of course. Stopping of at murder sites, torture scenes, executions and supernatural phenomena combining comedy with eeriness. You’ll see the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

How Much is it?

An Adult ticket will set you back £21 and a student £15, we think it’ll most definitely be worth it though, if you think about it thats only like 3 pints in a London pub!


Watch the Video below & purchase your tickets here:

Necrobus Tickets