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Easy Costume Idea for Halloween 2014

Lipstick-Face Demon - Insidious

If you want to go full on hair-raising scary, then this costume is quick and easy. Thats if you don’t mind spending a bit of time on your face paint, it’s halloween just go for it, people will appreciate the effort you put in.

First off your gonna need a black morphsuit, you can pick one up for little over a tenner most places on the internet, you have no excuse to be lazy because we’ve linked one for you here:

Black Morphsuit £11.99 >

Next you will need some yellow contact lenses, white will do fine too, whatever tickles your fancy really, no one is gonna hate you for it. You can pick some up from your local fancy dress shop for around £6

You Will also need to grab some black gloves with lone nails, they are supposed to be black nails, but for some reason you have to fork out an extra £9 for that. So we thought screw that and picked up these black gloves with red acrylic nails, gives the same effect and no one will remember what colour nails Lipstick face had in the movie.

Black Gloves with Long Acrylic Nails £3.75 >

The next thing on your list is some sharp teeth, vampire teeth will do just fine, super cheap too, you can pick a pair up here

Halloween Teeth £2.29 > 

Finally You’ll need some red and black face paints. Just lather on the first layer of red paint, wait for it to dry and then blacken the area around your eyes and add some black streaks to your forehead then around your cheeks and nose. It doesn’t have to be the exact design from the movie as long as you get some sharp edges in there and keep the majority of your face red.

Just pick up this palette for £3.95 >

There you have it, If you want to put a bit more effort in this year and stand out from the devils and skeletons, without spending a lot of money this costume will only set you back £27.98 and is pretty quick and easy to do.