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5 Of The Best Debut Albums of 2014

Although It’s not quite the end of 2014 yet, we thought it appropriate to put out this list before we hear Christmas songs all day every day for a month, eurgh! These are 5 of the best Albums released this year from up & coming artists that you should definitely know about, plus some others we thought were also notable. 5. Glass Animals - Zaba 4 Piece from Oxford signed to ‘Wolf Tone’, new label from renowned Producer Paul Epsworth (Florence & The Machine, Adele). The sound of this album can only be described somehow as ’culturally rich’ incorporating elements of percussion that sound as if they were plucked straight out of the East or Africa and combined with soulful...

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Tupac Style Alternatives

We found some uncanny comparisons between the late rappers style and some of the products available on Among The First. 1. Oversized Half Sleeve Jersey in Grey Antioch Short Sleeved Raglan Sweat available here for £30 2. American Sports Jersey Okay so he is wearing a football jersey but this Nicce Baseball Jersey serves the same principal and is available for £45 here. 3. Simple Serif Tee Pretty self explanatory, simple but effective monochromatic design, you can't go wrong this Antioch Flipside Longline Tee is available for £18 here. 4. Sleeveless Denim Jacket So this Denim Jacket has sleeves, yes. But They aren't made of denim so therefore it counts. The One featured is the Antioch Woven Miami Print Hooded...

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5 Of The Best Tracks Released This Week

1. Nick Hill - Know This There Isn't much we can tell you about Nick Hill, there isn't much anyone can tell you really. This debut track has just surfaced on the internet today and it joins the ranks of other emerging Aussie talent who merge soulful vox with light & delicate  bassline wobbles and airy synthetic sounds. We think it's best this one speaks for itself, listen below but keep an eye out, after hearing this we have high hopes for future work.  2. Hugh - I Don't Like You An Intimate space pop track from the London collective. Airy Vocals float in harmony with shimmering synths reminiscent of a more easily digestible pop version of Ghostpoet. This track is taken from...

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